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WHITE WONDERLAND: Your week ahead

THE FREEZING temperatures show no signs of abating in the coming days as more snow and even colder weather is expected.

Low temperature records for November were smashed overnight as the lowest ground temperature was –14C.

It's good news for children, but not for motorists as additional heavy snow showers will pass across the country, particularly in the east.


Later this afternoon, dazzling sunshine is expected in clear blue skies but this evening the lowest air temperatures will be 0C to –8C with a very severe frost, ice and freezing fog.

Arctic conditions are expected to continue for the rest of the week.


Snowy conditions will develop across the east of the country and temperatures below freezing will continue.

Overall, conditions will remain fine with dazzling sunshine and clear skies. But after sunset, temperatures will plummet once again.


It will remain bitterly cold with freezing fog in places.

Further snow showers are anticipated and easterly winds will pick up.

Although actual temperatures of 2C or 3C are expected, it will feel like below freezing in the wind, according to Met Eireann.


Dubliners will see further snow showers occurring and easterly winds will pick up, causing the temperature to drop further.

And motorists have been warned that there will be freezing fog in places.

Thursday night will be the coldest of the week, falling even lower than –8C and wintry showers are expected to break out, most likely over north Connacht, Ulster and east Leinster, leading to further snow build-up.


On Friday, there will be good sunny spells but wintry showers of rain, hail, sleet and snow will drive across the western counties throughout the day.

And it looks like there will be no letup for the weekend with severe night frosts and further snowfalls anticipated by Met Eireann.