| 3°C Dublin

What the weather woman says

IT does look like the Arctic conditions are going to persist and stay with us at least until Friday.

So what’s happening? Why the record November lows? Well, basically we're being hit by Siberian and Arctic air, hence the lower temperatures.

And they’re not going away soon. As the winds come from an easterly direction, bringing in Siberian air, we could get temperatures below minus 10.

Overall, it will be a Scandinavian-type cold with dazzling sunshine.

Temperatures in the source area of Siberia and Scandinavia are down to minus 20.

Nighttime temperatures here will drop as low as -10C and during the day, a maximum of zero to 4C can be expected.

There will be further snow showers, with a high risk of significant accumulations in the east.

There were further record low temperatures for November set last night and even the new record in Dublin on Saturday night was surpassed by half a degree last night. We saw minimum air temperatures of -9C and lowest ground temperatures of -14C.

In fact, temperatures were expected to fall further during the day, the sun being so feeble at this time of year.

Though there’s dazzling sunshine in clear blue skies today, look out for snow this evening in east and north-east areas and some dangerous pockets of freezing fog forming later.