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Warm weather stays for Easter

It's been good and it's going to get even better for the bank holiday weekend which promises sunshine and sizzling temperatures.

With just an occasional April shower, the Easter holiday looks set to bring smiles to the glummest economic faces.

Temperatures are expected to climb to 21C over the course of the weekend with Saturday being the best day.


Warm humid weather will continue right through the weekend with temperatures well above average and rainfall well below average for this time of year.

Already this week Dublin hit 18C with up to 16C reported in Cork and a high of 21C in the midlands. A Met Eireann forecaster said while some traditional April showers will be sprinkled on some parts of the country during the holiday, overall we "can't complain".

Saturday may be the best day but bank holiday Monday also looks good with temperatures of up to 21C nationwide.

On Easter Sunday it will be slightly more showery in the north west and temperatures a little lower in the west.

The rainfall over the whole weekend, however, will be much lower than average at around 10pc of what might normally be expected in April.

Tonight a few short-lived showers will hit Munster, parts of Connacht and West Ulster but otherwise it will be dry and calm.


Tomorrow an early drizzle will clear away bringing a fine warm day and temperatures of 17-21C, although there will be some showers in the North and in north Munster and south Connacht with a risk of thunder.

Good Friday will see more light showers in the west with less of a chance of showers in the east, while all areas will have good sunny spells. Overall temperatures will stay at around 17C-20C.