| 3°C Dublin

The week ahead

TEMPERATURES were expected to hit -8C this evening as the bitterly cold, icy spell continues to grip the country for the rest of the week.

There will be occasional hail, sleet and snow showers in some coastal counties of the east and north-east, with freezing fog developing in parts of the midlands.

Up to 20cm of snow is expected to fall in Dublin and Louth tonight, with up to 10cm of snow predicted in inland locations.


FREEZING temperatures and snowfall will hit Dublin and parts of Leinster again tomorrow.

Blustery eastern winds will make it feel much colder in Dublin.

Temperatures will rise during the day to hit 3C on the east coast -- but if freezing fog moves in from the midlands and West, there will a dramatic dip.

Tomorrow night will be very cold with severe frost and temperatures plummeting to between -3C and -10C degrees overnight.


It's expected that the fog may be slow to lift and could well persist through the day in places.

There may still be the odd snow shower on eastern coasts but most places will be dry, with sunshine developing where fog clears.

But temperatures will be struggling to get above zero and staying below that where the fog persists.


FREEZING rain is expected to hit Leinster and the midlands on Friday with more snow showers. Latest evidence suggests it may become less cold on Friday in the west.