| 2.8°C Dublin

Temperatures plummet in big freeze

THE BIG Freeze will bite deepest tonight and tomorrow, forecasters predicted.

Temperatures in Dublin will plummet to -8 today and drop further to -10 on Wednesday.

Snow will continue to fall and freezing fog will add to commuters' and parents' woes.

Many schools remained closed, some bus services were cancelled and train journeys cut as road conditions remained hazardous.

However, there was confusion over how bad the weather will actually get with conflicting reports coming from Met Eireann and their British counterparts.

Sky News weather service didn't agree that it would be so cold here.

They said the coldest temperatures expected to hit the country would be - 4 on Thursday with conditions far more moderate than reported by their Irish colleagues.

BBC News is also predicting similar temperatures for Ireland over the next few days.