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Van Persie: We'll move up a gear

ROBIN VAN PERSIE is ready to take Manchester United to another level and bury their title rivals under an avalanche of goals.

"We are an exciting team going forward and I expect us to move into another gear," claimed van Persie ahead of Sunday's Old Trafford showdown with Liverppool.

"We are a team of champions and it's our goal to prove our worth. Manchester United need to win the title," added van Persie.

Standing in his way is David Silva and Manchester City who travel to London for a massive clash with Chelsea.

"It won't be easy, but our challenge is to be back level with Manchester United by the end of February," Silva said.

"Last year we saw how they were in front by quite a lot of points, and we won the league, so it can be done.

"But now we need to react and to demonstrate that City are the English champions and intend to remain so. There is a long way to go, but we can't allow United any more advantage."