Tuesday 17 July 2018

Turf Club and BHA need to unite on racing standards

Saturday's Darley Irish Oaks at the Curragh was the subject of an unfortunate set of circumstances that saw the race be delayed over 20 minutes when it was discovered that one of the two English trained horses in the field, Luca Cumani's Volume, was wearing racing shoes that are not permitted in Ireland.

Known as 'trailer' shoes, Cumani (right) was not using these shoes to forge an advantage in the race, but he used them to stop the filly striking into herself and had used them on Volume in all her races.

In fairness to Cumani he has repeatedly apologised for the delay and has taken some responsibility in not knowing the rules in this jurisdiction.

And while it is his responsibility to be aware of what the Irish Turf Club allow and what they don't, surely it is about time that at least The Turf Club and the British Horseracing Authority came together to be united in all such issues.

Both parties will be meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the issues.

But surely to save such embarrassment happening again and the fact that so many Irish trained horses are sent to run in Britain and vice versa, wouldn't it be in everyones interest to agree on what is and isn't allowed in terms of footwear, tack etc.

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