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Towers treat proves perfect for class acts

THE Towers of Clondalkin have a wise saying - 'to train all you need is a ball and a wall.'

The Towers Tots listen carefully to such advice. And they have every chance to follow the boot-prints of All-Star, Maria Kavanagh and another Super Hoop, Hannah Tyrrell.

The club staged an Under-8 Fun Blitz. Seven clubs took part - Kilmacud Crokes, Na Fianna, St Mary's, Clanna Gael Fontenoy, St Finian's (S), Stars of Erin and the hosts. 165 girls were in action. Three pitches were used.

There were goals galore. And punnets of points. It was a real strawberry and cream display.

There was neat hand-passing and elegant side-stepping.

Brilliant blocks and super saves. During the breaks in the games, the mentors passed on a few more tips.

Everybody had a ball. Hats off to the organisers, Ken Byrne, Michelle Byrne, Kitty O'Brien, Alice Dowdall, Karen Hargan and Marie Crotty.

There were plenty of volunteers, who did everything including giving out the tea, coffee and the gift bags.

The children didn't want the day to end. But when it did, they all had the same question - When is the next one?

And parents and coaches be warned that when that day dawns, there will be another question to deal with: "Are we there yet?"