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Temp Head - Seamus Healy Tipperary South

Seamus Healy (Tipperary South):

Healy previously had a stab at the political life when he won a by-election in 2002 but lost his seat in 2007. He was part of the United Left Alliance but quit over Mick Wallace's membership of the group. After Wallace's tax revelations he said that there could not be one law for TDs and another for ordinary citizens

Tom Fleming (Kerry South):

Who? Seriously, have a google. There's not much there.

Michael Healy-Rae:

Since taking office, it emerged that an Oireachtas phone line made over 3,000 calls to a reality TV show to vote for him, at a cost €2,500. In December 2011, he was rushed from the chamber in an ambulance after feeling unwell but has since made a full recovery.