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Temp Head - GIOVANNI Trapattoni is ready to

GIOVANNI Trapattoni is ready to arm-wrestle for the right to take Ireland to the World Cup finals in Brazil.

"It's like arm-wrestling. I think they are strong. Sweden are strong, Austria are strong. Germany are in front," said Trapattoni.

Trapattoni shrugged aside all criticism, claimed that inexperience cost Ireland two points against Austria and is happy that he will remain in the job until his contract is up.

Asked whether he had any contact with FAI CEO John Delaney since the draw, he said: "He was in the players' lounge and gave me and Marco (Tardelli) regards. For the result, he was obviously not happy but not happy-happy. But for commitment and for our performance, he said it was okay."

The FAI Board met yesterday and while Trapattoni was not listed for discussion, his position remains as secure as it was before Sweden and Austria.