Wednesday 23 January 2019

'Wounded' Roy keen to bounce back at Baggies

Roy Hodgson admits he was "wounded" by events during his time at Liverpool which culminated in him being sacked after only six months in charge.

Hodgson (below right) is back in football and in charge of West Brom just 37 days after being shown the door at Anfield.

But Hodgson is honest enough to concede his pride was hurt although his self belief has not been affected.

He said: "I didn't feel drained but you do feel wounded. I have had a very good spell in my career and it's a long time since I have had a very serious knock-back so, when it comes, it wounds you.

"You wouldn't be human if it didn't but it hasn't dented any confidence or belief. I can't lie and say it didn't hurt me, or I didn't care, because, of course, I care.

"I care very passionately about my job and football and I have had an awful lot of praise.

"So, when you get the opposite, it's not something you particularly embrace, but, if you've got half a brain, you accept that as being part of the job or par for the course."


Hodgson admits he feared his days at Liverpool would be numbered after the departure of owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett and feels more wanted by the Baggies.

He said: "The people who wanted me at Liverpool didn't last too long. The people who employed me didn't stay for too long.

"The new owners found themselves in a difficult situation because we weren't winning enough games and the fans were making it perfectly clear they wanted me gone and somebody else in.

"I can't for one minute suggest I was wanted at Liverpool.

"Hopefully everyone will accept this club made a considerable effort to get me and worked hard to persuade me to come and try to help preserve the status so I feel much more wanted.

"But I have been lucky. I felt wanted at Fulham and there aren't that many clubs where I haven't felt wanted."

Hodgson added: "We were doing quite well at one stage but then got two bad results. If we had won those two we would have been in the top five or six and been alright -- but we lost them.

"But that was on the back of a lot of other things and you just have to accept that these things happen.

"It's not what you want but I have nothing negative at all to say about my time at Liverpool.

"The players were excellent and the staff were excellent and it would have been a magnificent time if we'd won more matches but we didn't win them."

Hodgson is hoping to perform the same sort of rescue act he achieved at Fulham four years ago in keeping Albion in the top flight.

He said: "I think the way (chairman) Jeremy Peace wants to run this club and, with the way Mohamed Al Fayed wanted to run Fulham, there are direct similarities.

"Both of them want success, both of them want the very best, and they want to do it by not bankrupting the club or walking away and leaving the club in an awful mess."

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