Friday 21 June 2019

What relegation will cost QPR?

Joey Barton, pictured, has been praised by QPR boss Chris Ramsey
Joey Barton, pictured, has been praised by QPR boss Chris Ramsey

Will QPR find it difficult to cope in the Championship after their relegation from the Premier League?

Q: How much will relegation from the Premier League cost QPR?

A: In simple terms in the region of £50million - the club's turnover would drop by more than £70m but that will be offset by parachute payments of £24m in the first year in the Championship.

Q: How much will the club have to pay for financial fair play breaches in the 2013/14 season?

A: That is the big unanswered question - the club are challenging the legality of the Football League's FFP rules.

Q: What is the worst case scenario for QPR?

A: That they will have to pay a fine of £58m for returning an operating loss of £69.7m when they were in the Championship in 2013/14.

Q: And the best-case scenario?

A: That an independent arbitration tribunal decides that the League's rules are not enforceable - and they have to pay nothing.

Q: Didn't QPR only announce a loss of only £9.7million for 2013/14, not £69.7m?

A: Yes - but that included a one-off £60m income injection classed as an "exceptional item" in the accounts which was to write off loans. The operating loss was £69.7m.

Q: Are club owners allowed to make that kind of cash injection to avoid FFP fines?

A: The Football League say no, QPR argue that they should be allowed to - which is what the legal proceedings are all about.

Q: What if the arbitration goes against QPR?

A: They will have to pay any fine imposed by the Football League or face being barred from entry into the Championship.

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