Monday 21 January 2019

Wenger promised change but sold Arsenal a pup

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Photo: Getty Images
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Photo: Getty Images

I'm sorry to say that Arsene Wenger sold Arsenal a pup when he held open the prospect of big names and a fresh start when he signed his new deal.

Nothing has changed and at this stage, I find it difficult to watch lads like Mesut Ozil, the player everyone raved about as a Player of the Year candidate half way through last season.

He and the rest of his team-mates were awful against Stoke and if that is what Wenger can expect from them in the coming weeks, he's in deep trouble.

I bought the line that he was ready to change, clear out players like Ozil, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and replace them with quality but they are all still there.

Perhaps that will change in the final few days of the transfer window but if Wenger had his way, Ozil would sign a new deal and stay at the club.

Once the window closes, Wenger's fate will be sealed and a very sharp spotlight will focus on him.

This season, he doesn't have the Champions League to distract already disgruntled fans with important midweek matches and they will be devoting their full attention to the Premier League.

In other words, Wenger has no wriggle room at all and one more bad result will create huge pressure.

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