Friday 21 September 2018

Wenger in it for the long haul

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger says he is more committed to the Arsenal job than ever, admitting that the thought of retirement makes him panic.

At 65 and approaching the start of his 20th year with Arsenal, the Frenchman could be forgiven for considering following the path of old foe Alex Ferguson into a life away from the game.

But Wenger insists he has never been more up for the challenge and has admitted that he cannot allow the thought of retiring to linger.

"Retirement? Yes, it crosses my mind sometimes but for no longer than five seconds because I panic a little bit," he said.

"When we played at Man United, he (Ferguson) came to meet me after the game. I said: 'Come on, you don't miss it?' He says: 'No.' He had enough. He goes to every game. But he has horses. I have no horses.

"Enthusiasm? That is not a problem, honestly. I am more committed than ever for that. I just think the number of times you have done it doesn't count. It is how much you love what you do that counts. And the love of what you do is not necessarily diminished by the number of times you've done it. Football is new every day. That's a big quality. It makes you question.

"Because with every defeat people say: 'What is this guy doing?' Every three days you are questioned.

"You have an exam every three days. You have no way to look back. You have to prepare for the next exam and come out of it with success. So it always demands 100% commitment."

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