Sunday 23 September 2018

'We don't go cap in hand' - Brian O'Driscoll and Kenny Cunningham weighs in on Jack Grealish

RTE pundit Kenny Cunningham

THE tide is turning against Jack Grealish after former Ireland skipper Kenny Cunningham and rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll jumped into the debate by claiming that the Aston Villa star turn should not be named in another squad.

"From an Irish perspective we've gone way, way, way too far down the road. You pick him in the squad. He turns up or he doesn't. It's as simple as that. If he doesn't you move on," said Cunningham. "The level or ability of the player doesn't come into it. It's the principle at stake here. We don't go chasing anybody cap in hand, bended knee, to go and put on the international jersey, simple as that."

O'Driscoll left nobody in any doubt where he stands on the Grealish issue with a tweet: "I couldn't agree more".

RTE pundit Kenny Cunningham

Kenny Cunningham

Cunningham added: "You're always told in team sports from a young age to check your emotions, to box them away, to keep calm and to keep focus, in relation to what's ahead of you.

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"When it comes to international football almost the opposite applies. I think you have to let your emotions take over; it has to be an emotional decision in terms of which country you play for. He's got to do what his heart tells him. Telling us he needs 12 months to decide which way he wants to go, for me, that's not making a decision with your heart, you're making it with your head.

"Once you go down that road for me that's when we take a big step away. We walk away. I think we're already there now. He has been asked to come into the squad and he has as good as refused."

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