Tuesday 21 November 2017

Warrior kit deal will help Reds grow: Ayre

LIVERPOOL managing director Ian Ayre believes the club will continue to maximise their revenue by embracing "difference and change".

The Reds yesterday provided an example of their thinking by announcing a six-year kit deal with United States-based firm Warrior.

In a departure from the tried and tested route of picking a well-established football strip manufacturer, Liverpool struck a deal with a company whose field of expertise has previously been limited to ice hockey and lacrosse.

A reported £150million over the course of the deal may have had plenty to do with the choice, but Ayre insists they are not afraid to tap previously unknown areas if it means securing the best for the club.

"The greatest sportswear brands in the world all had a huge interest in being Liverpool's partner -- we chose one of them and we are very happy," Ayre said.


"You should embrace difference and change if you want to move forward and we have done that.

"We are really encouraged by the prospect of working with someone like Warrior, who absolutely have sportswear experience and distribution experience but who have a different take on things.

"We are thinking about how we are going to grow our business around the world and so are they, so there are a lot of like-minded conversations going on."

Ayre said the global appeal of Liverpool was an obvious attraction.

"One of the paramount reasons Warrior and others were interested is that we are a fantastic merchandising opportunity," he added.

However, adidas, the club's current kit manufacturer, have complained that Liverpool priced themselves out of a new deal, but manager Kenny Dalglish said the club's dealings could not be questioned.

"We had a fantastic relationship with adidas and they might be a little bit disappointed we have moved on, but they got into the club the same way Warrior have done with fit and proper commercial discussions," he said.

"Overall, I think the club has been very loyal not only to their shirt sponsors but the manufacturers."

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