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United need clear-out but it'd be wrong move for Matt


Matt Doherty

Matt Doherty


Matt Doherty

There should be no surprise at how poor Manchester United as a team were against Manchester City in midweek, or how low they are in the league table.

That is the level of player they have in their squad, which is why they are not in the top six, and that club needs a huge clear-out. They have so many average players in the team - not just in the squad but in the team, the ones who play every week - that they are miles behind Manchester City and Liverpool.

What does it say about United when they go into a Manchester derby, with four games to go in the season, and have nothing to play for, no interest? Those players should be playing with a view to cementing their places in the squad for next season, and they are not doing that.

It won't be an easy job, with the contracts those players are on the club can't get rid of them all at once, it might be a case of two or three being shipped out in each transfer window.

Apart from Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, I can't see anyone there that you'd have to keep. If you brought in a few players from Everton and Wolves, you'd have a much better squad at Manchester United.

But I don't know if I'd like to see Matt Doherty go there now, in that scenario. United need players who have won leagues, have won the Champions League, and while he has done really well, Matt's had one season in the Premier League, United should be looking at the next level of player now, I hope that Matt can, in time, reach that level but if he went into that United squad now I think he'd struggle.

Any player would as that squad lacks leaders and needs a complete overhaul, needs leaders. They have nothing at the moment.