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Tel Aviv fan violence spills on to streets

Rival Israeli football fans have brawled outside a Tel Aviv courthouse that was extending the arrests of those who stormed the field and led to the halting of a Premier League match.

Video footage showed the fans flailing wildly on the street and hitting each other with belts and sticks for several minutes.

Yesterday's skirmish added to outrage in Israel over rising soccer violence that resulted in the cancelling of Monday night's game between cross-city rivals Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Tel Aviv.

The teams were tied 1-1 in the first half when a shirtless fan ran onto the field and began hitting and kicking Maccabi's Eran Zehavi.

The two exchanged blows before security dragged the fan away.

After numerous fans ran onto the field, the game was called off.

Stewards and security officials were slow to react as the bare-chested Hapoel supporter jumped out of the stands and onto the pitch where he threw kicks and tried to slap the Maccabi striker as he went to pick up the ball in the 33rd minute.

Stunned for being shown a red card for retaliating against the supporter, Zahavi only left the pitch after a long melee.