Saturday 20 January 2018

Stephanie Roche: If I do well on pitch I'll settle in the US just fine


Stephanie and Dean
Stephanie and Dean
Stephanie Roche

Over the next few months I really want to focus on my football and do well at Houston Dash.

The National Women's Soccer League is the best football league in the world so it's a great chance for me to showcase myself as a footballer and hopefully I'll do well there.

I have moved over already and actually travelled very light, I usually bring everything with me but I just brought over what I need for a few months.

It's a two-year contract but the season is only from April until September so I'll be back home then and I'll be able to enjoy Christmas at home. But while I'm here I just want to focus on football.

Dean and I have been to America quite a few times before, we've been to Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, California and Indiana and I really like it.

Everyone is so welcoming and they all seem really nice. As long as I do well with football I think I'll settle in just fine.

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