Sunday 20 January 2019

Shay still gets a kick from Ketsbaia

SHAY GIVEN is eager to have a reunion with his old Magpie team-mate Temuri Ketsbaia (below) in Georgia tomorrow night.

The pair were team-mates at St James' Park from 1997-2000 and Given still has fond memories of the fiery Georgian.

"He was a good No. 10 and he was very passionate about winning football matches, I am sure he is the same with their national team," Given told The Herald.

Given was on the bench for one of the most infamous moments in Ketsbaia's career when he kicked the advertising hoarding after scoring a late winner in a Premier League game against Bolton in 1998, a day Given still recalls.

"That incident shows his passion if nothing else. He is a really good guy, he probably doesn't like the fact that people show that clip all the time but he was a really good footballer, very strong with both feet," added Given.

"He is very proud to be Georgian, he was a very good player for them in his day and you can see that he doesn't like losing. Going back to that celebration for Newcastle, he came on as a sub and scored a late winner, the passion just flew out of him that day, maybe the frustration of not starting as well and the excitement of getting a result.

"Ketsbaia and Kinkladze were probably the two stand-out players from Georgia from that time, we know they have young, good players now who are trying to emulate the days of Ketsabaia and Kinkladze."

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