Wednesday 22 November 2017

Sepp Blatter facing suspension for 90 days

Sepp Blatter is under pressure to step down immediately
Sepp Blatter is under pressure to step down immediately

Sepp Blatter has been told he is facing a 90-day provisional suspension from FIFA's ethics committee - a move which wound finally spell the end of his time as FIFA president.

FIFA's ethics committee has been meeting this week to discuss whether Blatter and Michel Platini should be provisionally suspended. It is understood the investigatory arm has recommended a 90-day suspension for Blatter but that the German adjudicatory judge Joachim Eckert has yet to make a final decision.

Klaus Stohlker, a friend and adviser to Blatter, said: "What we know is that President Blatter was told he could be suspended for 90 days."

The pair are being investigated by Swiss prosecutors and the ethics committee over a £1.35million payment signed off by FIFA president Blatter to UEFA president Platini.

Blatter has had criminal proceedings opened against him by the Swiss attorney general over the case and for allegedly selling World Cup TV rights to former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner for 20 times below their true value.

It is not known if any action has been recommended against Platini.

Meanwhile, UEFA's head of communications said Platini does not feel the need to publicly justify his £1.35million payment from FIFA despite questions being raised about the nine-year delay in receiving the money.

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