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'scots tie is everything'

MARTIN O'Neill and Gordon Strachan are slowly but surely coming to the boil for next week's huge Euro 2016 showdown at the Aviva Stadium.

With the small matter of a friendly against England on Sunday to get out of the way, O'Neill was happy to report no injuries from the training spin 0-0 draw with Northern Ireland at the Aviva.

"The Scotland game is the be-all and end-all. It's everything. It's a game we're obviously going to try to win. We want to win and need to win," he said.

Strachan echoed those sentiments: "It is going to be an intense game. You need to be fit to play in this game, you need to have experience to play in it and you need to relish it."

He added: "It's an exciting game for us. The lads are not nervous, they are excited.

"There is adrenalin and excitement. It's like anybody in top sport. If you ask boxers, I don't think they are nervous, they are excited. They want to get on with it.

"And you need that. Before the game you might be a bit nervous but that only adds to your focus."