Saturday 16 December 2017

Ronaldo defies belief

Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: Getty
Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: Getty

I've come to the conclusion, with a heavy heart, that Cristiano Ronaldo's extreme selfishness could be his greatest strength.

Nobody can deny that he is a great player. What he is doing for Real Madrid defies belief and he does it all without doing a tap for anyone around him.

For him, the team is simply there to get the ball to him when he's in the right position or even when he's not.

He doesn't care. If he has a wild lash from 30 yards when a team-mate is in a perfect position for a pass, so what? This is the Ronaldo show.

To be fair, it's some show. I can't ever like him or agree with what he does but I have to wonder now whether he would be the same player if he did what Lionel Messi does and plays for the team.

Perhaps he wouldn't get in so many good positions if he deferred to people around him although everything I know about the game tells me the team would be better off if he did.

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