Monday 18 December 2017

Ron: I'm no poser

CRISTIANO Ronaldo will not pose for the cameras if he manages to score against Manchester United when the Champions League resumes in the new year.

"I will not celebrate my goal if I manage to score at Manchester United," he said after the draw.

While the Real Madrid record-breaker talks about respect for Alex Ferguson and his former team-mates at Old Trafford, he might change his mind when he reads Ryan Giggs' thoughts on Lionel Messi.

Giggs believes that Messi is the best player on the planet at the moment, despite Ronaldo's remarkable run at the Bernabeu.

"You have to think Messi. At the moment he is breaking all sorts of records," said an admiring Giggs.

"He is one of the greatest players to ever live and he as won it a couple of times," continued the United winger when asked to pick the top player in the world.

"I would have to go for Messi. He is a goalscorer - he scores so many goals - but he is a team player as well.

"He sets up so many goals for his team-mates and he's tough - difficult to get the ball off.

"He can dribble, he can score any type of goal, left foot, right foot, headers. He has got so many assets."

Ronaldo is desperately trying to shake off accusations of arrogance and believes that parenthood has made him an altogether more serious individual and very different from the image he displays.

"I take things very seriously. On the pitch I'm not someone who laughs a lot, and that might be bad for me, because people think I'm arrogant or unfriendly," he said.

And he is adamant that Manchester United fans will see a different Ronaldo when he arrives on February 20.

"Without any doubt, I think becoming a parent changes us all. For me, it is an honour to know that you are young and that you have a growing child with the same principles as you.

"It's nice and I would like to have another kid because family is the most important thing.

"It is important to be with family and friends and put football aside to live and be happy.

"I like swimming, I keep my body in shape and I eat well. I do what a good professional does."

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