Saturday 20 July 2019

Roma tip cap to Delaney

Damien Delaney. Photo: Sportsfile
Damien Delaney. Photo: Sportsfile

Cork City's new signing Damien Delaney has tried to play down the connection between him and Serie A side Roma.

The Italian club have made numerous references to former Ireland cap Delaney (36) on their social media accounts in recent months.

Yesterday the English-language twitter account of the club tweeted, after Delaney's press conference for Cork, to say "Nothing but respect for a true gentleman and ultimate professional". It's believed that Delaney came to the rescue of a family member of a Roma club director in a hotel in England before Roma's Champions League battle with Liverpool.

"He told us at the hotel that he didn't want any publicity for his heroic actions, he was just doing what anyone would have done in that situation, and for that reason, we will respect his wishes," Roma said.

But Delaney tried to pass off the fuss. "There's no story, definitely not the one that was going around about me saving someone, that's not true but I appreciate Roma for their efforts," Delaney said. "I'm not big on social media, people are texting me to say it's going on and I'm not 100% sure what it is."

The ex-Leicester man was presented to the media yesterday and will be eligible to play for Cork from July 1st.

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