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Rafa blast at Fergie

RAFA Benitez has a big battle on his hands to get past Swansea tonight and into a Wembley final with minnows Bradford.

But it hasn't stopped him throwing a gallon of fuel onto his old feud with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson

Chelsea must haul back a two-goal deficit before Benitez can begin to dream about the easiest Wembley assignment he will ever know.

But he still took time out to have a pop at his nemesis Ferguson, who he believes is still up to his old tricks when it comes to leaning on match officials.

"Maybe now a lot of people are seeing the same things. I will not talk too much about that because it's obvious.

"It's a question for the FA what they do about it," he said.

"What I said at that time (back in 2009) was what I thought and what I'm seeing now is similar.

"It depends on the FA. I don't know what they will do," added Benitez.