Saturday 16 December 2017

Paul Ince: Roy Keane could manage United, not Giggs

Paul Ince
Paul Ince

PAUL Ince has ruled out Ryan Giggs as a potential Manchester United boss for the foreseeable future - but he would happily install Roy Keane in the job tomorrow if a vacancy arose.

The former Old Trafford midfielder was emphatic about Giggs: "No, absolutely no chance. I don't see it. Giggsy's my best mate and I can tell you that Giggsy enjoyed last year, he enjoyed the experience, he loved it. Now under LVG he's learning.

"But I said to Giggsy, 'You got to go to a club where you can learn and get experience. Go manage a League One side or League Two side, or because you're Ryan Giggs you might get a Championship team.

"You can't just throw him into Man Uunited, one of the biggest clubs in the world - 'there ya go Giggsy.' He's not ready for that yet and it will never happen."

Keane, however, is an entirely different matter: "To be United manager you need broad shoulders and be able to take a lot of criticism. Roy has broad shoulders and things don't affect him.

"He has a poker face and he is mentally tough and there is no reason why Roy couldn't go back to Manchester United," claimed Ince (right).


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