Friday 13 December 2019

Murray ‘embarrassed’ by bus fiasco

CORK CITY captain Dan Murray admits that the club were "embarrassed" by events leading up to City’s Premier Division game away to St Patrick’s Athletic, where Cork were only able to travel to Dublin for the game after local businessmen agreed to come up with the money to pay for their busfare.

The Pats-Cork game was in danger of not going ahead at one stage, as the club’s coach company yesterday refused to start the journey to Cork due to unpaid bills for previous trips, and the trip to Dublin only went ahead after an appeal on local radio by captain Murray produced the cash.

“It was frustrating and embarrassing for us all. It got sorted in the end but it should never have come to that, something like this just should not happen to a professional football club,” City skipper Murray told the Herald. “You think that all of the bad things that can happen to yo u have happened already, and then this comes along, it’s an embarrassment, of all the problems the club have had this season, this one - paying the bus company - should be the easiest of all.”

Only last month Cork managed to avoid going out of business after paying off a €420,000 debt to the Revenue but they face another court date next month over a €35,000 debt to former player Gareth Farrelly, as well as an unfair dismissal case relating to ex-manager Alan Mathews.

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