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McGoldrick - I've waited a long time for Ireland's call

DAVID McGoldrick has always felt that his day would come for Ireland. A phone call from Martin O'Neill over the weekend confirmed that the time had arrived.

"I have lots of Irish connections but it was a complicated situation," he said, explaining why he had to be patient while documentation was found.

"For a long time I wanted to play for Ireland. It's been weird, ever since I was a kid. Getting the actual confirmation that it has gone through, I'm delighted and really, really excited if I can put on the jersey.

"It's been going on for a long time and have been in contact with them for a long time trying to get it over the line," he said.

"There have been complications but they have worked hard and it has happened quite quickly in the last week and I'm very thankful.

"I got the call from Martin O'Neill on Saturday night. I was not expecting it as I felt there might be a complication. But Mary in the FAI gave me a 'heads up' that it might come through. When I saw his name come up on my phone, I thought it might be happening. It's a great feeling."

The large Irish influence at Ipswich never gave up on the idea that he could one day wear green.

"I have Stephen Hunt in my ear every day saying 'when is it going to happen?' My manager Mick McCarthy told me that it's a great thing to do and a great experience.

"Other people are saying that it's a great thing," he added.


McGoldrick knows that his reputation is as a goal-scorer but he has other strong points.

"As a striker, goals are the main thing. A strong point of my play is linking, bringing other players into the game.

"I have got quite a few assists over my career. I don't mind doing that and I have set up quite a few of Murph's (Daryl Murphy) goals this season."

McGoldrick found his first experience of an Ireland squad everything he hoped it would be.

"The first training session, seeing the quality of the boys at training. I was talking to Murph in the room after and you realise how good they are, which you need to be to be at the top.

"Obviously, training with better players is going to be a good thing. I haven't played an international game yet and if I get a chance to get out there it gives me great confidence.

"I knew how big this game was before I got called up. To face Scotland in a qualifier, it's a big game with a great atmosphere and to be part of it, hopefully, just to be around it, will be a great experience.

"For me, watching how the boys get on, how the manager and the staff conduct themselves, it's a great experience."

Although O'Neil suggested that he would not be afraid to throw McGoldrick in at the deep end, the player is taking nothing for granted: "I've not got high hopes. I've not come here thinking 'I want to do this, I want to do that'," he said.

"I'm here to gain more confidence, to get my game to a better level and see what I can do."