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Martin O'Neill: 'We are not at England's level'


Martin O'Neill

Martin O'Neill


Martin O'Neill

MARTIN O'Neill does not believe that Ireland are in the same league as England.

The Ireland boss takes his team to the Aviva today for a closed doors training game against Northern Ireland and when asked whether that exercise and England provide

the perfect preparation for next week's big Euro 2016 clash with Scotland, O'Neill agreed.

"I'm not for one minute bracketing us in the same level as England are at the moment but the players know each other very well. There's nothing new in that sense going to come up.

"Some of this came about almost by accident. England was always arranged before Scotland, which was great.

"I think there will be an edge, and of course I do, I think it will

be great. Great also for the Championship players who've been out for a little while, but yes, I think it'll be a proper game.

"England will want to go into their final game in the summer time not having being beaten by us," added the Ireland boss.

O'Neill is hoping that Sunday's game will go without a hitch off the pitch and he has a message to fans of both sides.

"I would be hoping that both National anthems will be respected, as with any visiting team" he said.