Wednesday 26 September 2018

Livid John Aldridge calls on US owners to begin transfer transparency

John Aldridge
John Aldridge

John Aldridge has blasted his Liverpool's transfer committee and called on the club's owners FSG to sort out the state of confusion in the red half of Merseyside.

The former Liverpool and Ireland striker has demanded the club's fans be informed of who is making decisions on transfers as the blame game begins following a poor season which has seen the Reds fail to qualify for the Champions League and ultimately fail to build on last season's Premier League odyssey.

"What Liverpool needs this summer is a little bit of transparency with the transfer committee and then to go and get the players that are required," said Aldridge.

"Fans are always coming up to me asking about it and I'm sick of it now. You try and stick up for the club and those within it but I think they owe it to the fans to tell us exactly how it works.

"Years ago we knew there was the manager, the chairman, the secretary and the chief scout. Back in the day the manager and chief scout would physically go out and watch a target and say 'I want him'. Then you'd go and get him but now nobody seems to understand how it works.

"Maybe it's the American way? But in football it doesn't work like that. The fans keep telling me it needs to be more transparent so if it does go wrong then fingers can be pointed in the right direction - and not the manager.

"Who does what on this committee? They're absolutely livid Liverpool fans - all over the country - they're fuming after an awful season.

"People are coming up to me saying: 'Aldo, what's going on' and I just have to tell them that I don't know," he fumed.

"Brendan Rodgers is taking the brunt for everything. Is it his fault? We don't know. Brendan should be living and dying by the sword with the players he wants."

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