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Lazio fined for abuse of Balotelli


Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli


Mario Balotelli

Serie A club Lazio have been fined €20,000 after their fans were found to have racially insulted Brescia forward Mario Balotelli during Sunday's match in the latest incident of racism which has plagued Italian football.

Serie A's disciplinary tribunal said in a statement that further investigations were taking place to identify exactly where among the visiting Lazio fans the chanting came from and that Lazio had been asked to help the police identify those responsible.

Lazio won 2-1 after Balotelli, who has been subjected to discrimination throughout his career, had opened the scoring for hosts Brescia.

The statement said that fans "sang a chorus of racial discrimination against a player of the opposing team in the 21st and 29th minutes" as well as other insults.

It said the referee interrupted the match after half an hour and an announcement was made asking for the chanting to stop.

Balotelli said "shame on you" in an Instagram message to the Lazio fans after the game. Lazio disassociated itself from the fans abusing Balotelli.