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Lawwell: Celtic can be biggest in world

Chief executive Peter Lawwell claims Celtic are potentially the biggest club in the world.

Lawwell (inset) made his assertion after contextualising the Hoops' earning potential at the club's packed annual general meeting at Celtic Park yesterday.

He claimed that the 40,000 season tickets sold for this campaign was only bettered in Britain by Manchester United and Arsenal, then told shareholders that winning the Scottish Premiership title brings in £1.8million while claiming that clubs relegated from the English top flight rake in £65million.

At a press conference in the Celtic Park boardroom afterwards he expanded on the theme, claiming that, if the Scottish champions had access to the sort of broadcast monies available to the top clubs in England, Celtic would be peerless.

"I believe that," he said. "If you go back 25-30 years and compare us to Manchester United before the media and TV boom, there probably wasn't much in it.

"I think our story is unique, it is rich - it is the best.

"We have a potential fan-base of Scots/Irish diaspora around the world to support that and we have fantastic, strong fan-base in Scotland.

"I don't see any barrier if you compare Celtic to Manchester United or Arsenal, the top clubs down there.

"I don't see any barriers if we were getting the same media values as they are getting regularly."