Saturday 18 November 2017

Klopp urges his Liverpool players to 'be brave and have fun'

Klopp wants Liverpool players to go out and express themselves ahead of debut clash at Tottenham

Liverpool's new manager Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool's new manager Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urged his players to be brave, rediscover the fun in football and forget about making mistakes.

The German was both positive and pragmatic in his first pre-match press conference having been appointed as Brendan Rodgers' successor a week ago.

Klopp has been preaching that to his squad as they returned in dribs and drabs from international duty during the week and while he has not had a great deal of time to effect many changes he expects to see the players at least approach tomorrow's early kick-off at Tottenham with a new mindset.

"Some things you can change instantly: mentality, readiness. That is all you can change. It is not fixed that you cannot do more," he said.

"To get really tuned as a team takes time but I am really not interested in the problems we could have on Saturday.

"I want to see more bravery, more fun in their eyes. I want to see that they like what they do - I saw that in the week and that is good.

"We want to get back trust from outside, get back confidence in our own skills, our own quality.

"It is the bravery we need in football, the bravery to make faults. It doesn't work without faults. Never in history.

"As a human being we always think about faults, we don't think about the good things. That is what we have to learn again.

"It is not important how many faults are made in the game, it is very important that no one can remember the faults after the game.

"That is where we can always get better - to accept that something is not the best decision in your life.

"Football works because you are prepared for your team-mate making a fault and you can help him.


"You don't have to always try the most risky ball in our lives - you have to learn to run and fight and do everything until the moment, and when the moment is there, take it."

Klopp has been keen to wipe the slate clean with the players in terms of what has occurred previously.

It means he has told them what has happened this season - just one win in 90 minutes in their last nine matches - has no consequence for their futures.

"The most important information is to start new and that is what we will do," he added.

"I am not interested in what the faults were a few weeks ago. I only think about what we can do to be stable in a game, close all our doors and if it is possible look a little bit out.

"We have to open our chests: let's run and fight and shoot and defend together and attack together - like football looks like in your best dream."

Klopp has done a good job of managing external expectations since his arrival on Merseyside despite the majority of fans hailing his appointment as the start of a new and successful era at the club.

"I have met two kinds of people in the last week: most of them say 'We'll win the league' and the other guys look at me like 'What have you done? Why are you here?'.

"Both are not right in this moment. It is not interesting what people think about this."

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