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Jose: Blues have had it easy

United boss envious of Chelsea's 'collective quality'


Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters


Photo: Reuters

Jose Mourinho reckons Chelsea have had it easy this season but he has to admit that Antonio Conte must be doing something right.

The Manchester United boss, speaking in advance of tomorrow's Premier League collision with Chelsea, believes that freshness has helped his successor at Stamford Bridge.

"First of all, some guys are fresh, some guys are tired," said Mourinho. "That's very important in football.

"But, for some reason, they are top of the league. It's not just because they are fresh.

"It's also because they have individual quality and they have collective quality. They have a certain style of play, they stick to it, they do it very well. Not every team defends with 11 players, and they defend with 11 players. So they are a very strong team."

In keeping with the low key build up to this game, Conte was quick to stress that he has no personal animosity towards Mourinho despite touchline moments between the two men this season.

"I have zero problems with him," he said. "He wants to try and win with his team. It's normal for there to be a conflict during the game, but only a sporting conflict."