Saturday 16 December 2017

John Giles: Jose Mourinho now a serial offender against football

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho

JOSE Mourinho stands accused of serial crimes against football and I, for one, am more than delighted that Chelsea were dumped out of the Champions League by PSG.

I'm more than happy that Mourinho now stands exposed for the nasty bit of goods that he is. Up to now, his apologists always said 'well, he's a winning manager'. I even used the phrase myself but I was uncomfortable with his behaviour and as this season has progressed, it has become morer and more offensive.

But this time, he lost against PSG and this was a game he should have won. The nonsense he projects finally backfired and bit him. For that, I am thankful.

Before I get to the long list of sins which emerged from events at Stamford Bridge, let me first congratulate two gentlemen of the game who in the same week as Mourinho reached the gutter, proved that good guys are worth supporting.

Arsene Wenger won himself another bit of breathing space by beating Manchester United in the FA Cup. He's been on the receiving end of Mourinho's nastiness and it would be particularly sweet if Arsenal could somehow turn their tie around and make the quarter-finals.

I also raise my hat to Laurent Blanc, another gentleman of football who, despite all the cash which has been rolling around PSG and the potential for arrogance, has gathered a group of players who know how to play and have the kind of attitude I never tire of seeing in action.

Committed, dedicated and clever, they were more than worth their win and they did it by playing football and not succumbing to the wave of intimidation and pressure which poured out from Mourinho in the run-up to the game.

Contrast PSG with the bunch of hooligans Mourinho put out on the pitch and the way he revved them up to argue with every decision the referee made. On one occasion, they physically threatened the man.

And lo and behold, Gary Neville, a man who learned the dark arts from the master himself Alex Ferguson and had a cosy one-on-one interview with Mourinho a few weeks back, is there defending him as 'shrewd'.

Seriously? Shrewd. That's the word he used to explain Mourinho's approach to the game and I'm afraid it says a great deal about Neville that he has lined himself up on the wrong side of this debate.

I'll say one thing about Ferguson. He was never as classless and graceless as Mourinho, even if he did lead the way in what are now known as mind games.


With Ferguson, it was a means to an end but with Mourinho it is something much more than that. It's about ego, pride and above all, knowledge he cannot escape. He was never a player and everything he is doing is to compensate for that.

He wants the glory, he hogs the limelight and he deals in extremes which have no place on or near a football pitch. All of that is to make him feel like he's a player and to make feel that that's he is, as he claims, The Special One.

Well, he's not. If anything, he's the Destructive One, a man who will do anything he believes is appropriate to win a game and from what I can see, he has lost sight of his true function.

His job is to manage a football team but he seems to be obsessed with all the tricks and games he plays. He has invested far too much time and energy in this area and chickens have come home to roost

An old friend of mine once said that if someone needs to spend a lot of time trying to learn the tricks of the trade, he cannot ever understand the trade.

In other words, there is no need for tricks. There is no need for the dark side.

Mourinho had good enough players to beat PSG but he had them so fired up that they forgot about playing the game and concentrated on the tricks.

I felt the same way about Ferguson. He didn't need 'Fergie Time' or any of those other stupid mannerisms which he used to bully referees and the Premier League when he was in his pomp.

He started it but Mourinho, a Manchester United wanna-be, seems to think that he must go one better than his management idol or in this case, one worse that Ferguson.


There is one man who must be watching all of this with deep concern, Roman Abramovich will not like the publicity his team is attracting, I'm pretty certain of that.

It's one thing if Chelsea are the most unpopular club in England when they are winning but Mourinho has blown a great chance of winning the Champions League and I would not be a bit surprised if this defeat feeds into their Premier League title push.

Lose a couple of games and there's a posse of hungry clubs queued up behind Chelsea waiting for any slip-up.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hope that Chelsea win nothing this year. I hate having to make that statement but that's what Mourinho does to people.


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