Wednesday 22 November 2017

John Giles: Jose Mourinho looks like a broken man

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that Jose Mourinho is psychologically disturbed at the moment.

I have rarely seen a football manager in such turmoil.

Poor Brendan Rodgers looked positively serene compared to his friend down at Stamford Bridge and I can only see the same outcome for Mourinho as unfolded at Anfield.

Rodgers paid the price for ceding control of his team to a committee but Mourinho's credibility looks ever more fragile. Mourinho has always fought for control, even at Real Madrid where many others have tried and failed to impose their will on a vast, sprawling institution which is an incredibly political environment.

During Mourinho's first spell at Stamford Bridge, Abramovich interfered by parachuting players like Shevchenko into his squad.

This time, he did it by throwing money at Pedro to ease any disquiet there might be among fans.

I wonder what Jurgen Klopp makes of it all. From what I can see, the delay in naming him as Liverpool boss is all about the same thing.

I believe he is hammering out the fine detail of his responsibilities so that he gains and retains control of transfer targets and sales.

I suspect he will not sign a contract if he doesn't and the Kop will owe him a debt of gratitude if he can pull it off.

John Henry and his pals have money to spend and hard as it may be, all they need to do is let the manager spend it.

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