Saturday 16 December 2017

John Giles: 'Brendan Rodgers is doing a very good job of undermining himself'

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes there is an agenda against him.
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes there is an agenda against him.

Brendan Rodgers doesn't need any dark forces conspiring to do him down. He's doing a very good job of undermining himself.

The mere fact that he would achieve for the same excuse Jose Mourinho used last season to create a siege mentality within his squad tells me that he is not up to the task of managing Liverpool.

Rodgers should know that the manager of a big club like Liverpool must take speculation, pressure and criticism in his stride. If he can't do that he should be there.

The question now for the Fenway Group is whether they must replace him and when.

For me, Jurgen Klopp is the obvious appointment but I believe they will not hire him. I believe they are afraid to relinquish control to one man.

I note reports which suggest that Klopp would insist on the removal of the committee and there's the reason they will not employ him in a nutshell.

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Carlo Ancelotti would be a better fit for John Henry but even if the Italian has always accepted the players he has been given, he has never worked with anything but the very best players and I'm not sure you could say that Liverpool have many of them in their squad.

The transfer policy has not worked at Anfield and it was designed to fail. I think FSG were so appalled by the state they found Anfield in when they arrived that they made a decision then and there that no individual would have the power to spend the kind of money Damien Comolli lashed out on Andy Farrell.

But they went too far down the other road. They got rid of Comolli and then organised a committee to do his work.

What they should have done after they waved goodbye to their Director of Football was called in Rodgers and asked him which players he wanted to buy.

I can understand why businessmen would view the situation at Anfield as they found it and insist on control but it was the wrong move to make.

Rodgers (left) was an easy option for them when they hired him because he accepted the conditions he was given and that included the committee.

Now, when the tide is running against him, Rodgers has to defend and work with players he didn't choose, even if some of them were his choices this summer.

It was and is a recipe for disaster and unless Henry and his pals take a step back and look for a model that works, they will spend a lot more money and achieve very little.

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