Thursday 23 November 2017

I won't cry for Big Sam

Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce

I won't miss Sam Allardyce. In fact, my greatest fear is that he will now become a full-time pundit and we'll be hearing from him every day.

He seems to think that saving Crystal Palace somehow repairs a reputation flayed by the events which surrounded his removal from the England job. It doesn't.

And it wasn't as if his reputation was any great shakes before he took the England job.

I've always seen him as a braggart who ruined the good work he did as a coach by talking himself up at any opportunity.


I don't mind someone doing that. Self-promotion has always been a factor in the game but I do mind when the man doing it takes me for a fool.

Big Sam did do good work with Bolton. It wasn't with football I would want to watch but it was worthy nevertheless; as were his most recent efforts at Sunderland and Palace.

He was a good organiser and understood defending. He liked a big man up front and made no bones about his preference for direct football.

That wasn't to West Ham's liking, even though he brought them back to the Premier League in 2012 after just one season in the Championship.

But all of that, positive as it is, was overshadowed by his over-bearing personality and his willingness to follow Alex Ferguson's lead in all things.

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