Saturday 20 January 2018

Hiddink: Squad needs a bit of rugby

Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink. Photo: Tony O'Brien/Reuters
Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink. Photo: Tony O'Brien/Reuters

Chelsea interim boss Guus Hiddink likes to see his players on the edge and says the club "needed a bit more rugby" after replacing Jose Mourinho in December.

Hiddink was lauding the effect training in other sports can have on a squad after the former judo yellow-belt saw fellow Dutchman and judo enthusiast Louis van Gaal go to ground during Manchester United's win over Arsenal on Sunday. The United boss hit the deck with a dive as he remonstrated with fourth official Mike Dean over an on-field decision - and Hiddink said his compatriot's history in judo would have helped him land unhurt.

"I saw it, you could see he had been educated also by his physical teacher, he is practising judo also by the way he fell down," Hiddink said.

"It wasn't very fluently the way he went down. I also had some judo so I'm able to do so as well."

While Hiddink said he could have executed a similar fall, he insisted he would never follow his managerial rival in doing so - but did praise the effect judo training can have on a footballer - revealing he felt his Chelsea side were too much of a soft touch on his return as interim manager.

Asked if he still did any judo move, the 69-year-old replied: "No, but boxing with my partner! She wins. I'm not joking.

"I make a combination of handball and rugby, for warming up (his players).

"Because in rugby - I love to see rugby also - you are entitled, when one has the ball, to grab and make a wrestling move.

"Not punching them. It's also mental part.

"If they are going into a fight, within the rules, transferred to football, you can gain a lot from other sports including rugby."

When he was questioned on the strength of his Chelsea squad when he returned for his second spell, he said: "It needed a bit more rugby."

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