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'Have we got about four hours?' Martin O'Neill ducks behind FAI on Sepp Blatter controversy






MARTIN O'Neill has steered a very wide course around the huge Sepp Blatter/FIFA controversy and was happy to leave comments on that subject to FAI CEO John Delaney, writes PAUL HYLAND.

"Yes, I've watched it from a distance. Have we got about four hours?" he said, laughing.

Asked whether as a football man, he felt a particular distress about events in Zurich and beyond, he immediately outsourced his opinion to his boss.

"Let John do the interview," he said.

"Genuinely I haven't given it a great deal of thought particularly as I knew you might well ask me about it.

"I'll give it a bit of thought, ask me about it on Friday and I'll see if I can come up with another non-answer," said the Ireland boss.

O'Neill clearly does not want to be diverted from the task at hand and his sole focus from now on will to make sure his players are ready.

"I think everybody is pretty OK. Obviously some players have played for a longer time than others in recent weeks. It's just a matter of monitoring that for the next couple of days."

"But essentially it's getting them together again, particularly the players who play in the Championship whose season ended on May 2. It's getting a wee bit of work between now and Sunday into them.

"It's a big match against Scotland. Essentially we have to win the game to keep ourselves right in it. That's what we're going to try and do.