Wednesday 22 November 2017

Gunners aren't winners blasts Scholes

Paul Scholes has blasted Arsenal's failings at the end of last season in the manner of one his tackles -- blunt, bruising and close to the bone.

"They just flatter to deceive, don't they?" Scholes said. "They may play the prettiest football, but it doesn't always produce the results they need. What is the point of that if you are not winning anything?

"If you look over those two games between Arsenal and Barcelona, it could have been any score."

Scholes is likely to be reminded of those comments when United face Arsenal at the Emirates tomorrow, with the 37-year-old, fitness permitting, lining up against Thierry Henry, Arsenal's own comeback kid.

Few players know how to irritate Arsenal better than Scholes. His appearance as a substitute during the FA Cup quarter-final against Arsene Wenger's team last season saw him clash with Jack Wilshere and Samir Nasri before earning a booking with a late challenge.

"All of a sudden, it started to kick off," Scholes said. "But I never went on to the pitch intentionally trying to start something. It just happened."

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken out against Scholes's "darker side", insisting he is not a "fair player" and claiming that age has not mellowed the veteran. "It's not because you are older -- suddenly that you are a saint," Wenger said.

However, Ferguson believes that both Scholes and Henry justify their returns to scenes of former glory, having made fairy-tale starts to their second coming.

"You're talking about one-off players," Ferguson said. "Henry, in fairness, has been playing football and is still playing for New York Red Bulls, so I don't think there's really a physical problem of him coming back.

"With Paul, I don't see any signs of stamina problems. It's just been an amazing turn around for the lad to make the decision to come back and he's motivated for it as well.

"With Scholes and Henry, there are no negatives at all. When I saw Arsenal erecting the statue to Henry, I thought it was a nice lead in to bringing him back for a short spell. The way the fans reacted to him scoring against Leeds was fantastic. He's still a great player."

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