Tuesday 21 November 2017

Football can't console Arena victims - Keane

Roy Keane
Roy Keane

Roy Keane has never been one to dwell on niceties or offer platitudes and his take on the Manchester Arena attack was typically blunt and accurate.

For him, the idea that Manchester United's Europa League win over Ajax in Stockholm would have any palliative effect on those bereaved an injured is wishful thinking in the extreme.

"I personally don't think it'll help," Keane said when asked about United's big win.

"Winning the trophy is not going to bring back the people that have been killed or the people that have been badly injured.

"You just send your best wishes to the people that are suffering. A game of football? It has no bearing on the people's thoughts or feelings at this moment in time.

"It always seems even worse when it's on your doorstep. It was shocking news.

"The people that carry out these acts on innocent people - it's shocking that we live on a planet like that and very scary."

Keane was not personally impacted by the tragedy.

He said: "You're always concerned and send your best wishes to the people that suffered. I knew where my family were. I knew they were at home.

"But you always know of people that might be there and thank God my family were not in that area at the time.

"It kind of tells you how unimportant football is in a sense. I know it has been quoted over the years that football is more important that life and death.

"That's ridiculous, you know, when you see people being targeted like that.

"When there is a game, unfortunately you just have to get on with life, you have to get on with these things.

"But thinking that a sporting occasion or winning a trophy will at some stage help people who have been killed or lost people, that would not work for me, I know that."

Keane also knows that the only answer to horror such as this is to plough on.

"You have to get on with normality, which is shocking really after the scenes" said the Corkman.

"Manchester is a good city and there are lots of good cities out there and obviously people will come together.

"I am not surprised by the reaction of the city in the last few days. Manchester has had its ups and downs like everything else.

"The reaction has been nice but it's not going to bring the people back who have been killed."

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