Thursday 18 January 2018

Ferguson to reveal management secrets in new book

Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson

FOR well over 20 years rival managers searched for a way to master Alex Ferguson and not many achieved success but the former Manchester United manager is ready to reveal at least some of his secrets in another book.

Based around work Ferguson has with the Harvard Business School, the new tome will be titled 'Leading' and will be co-written by Michael Moritz, a venture capitalist and author.

"Since stepping into retirement I have had the opportunity to reflect on my time as a football manager, and to consider the reasons behind my success through personal recollections, conversations with Mike Moritz and my role at Harvard Business School," said Ferguson.

"It has been a new experience for me to be looking into the past rather than planning for the future, but one that I have found enjoyable and rewarding.

"The process behind creating this book began many years ago following my first meeting with Mike, which immediately created a mutual respect for each other's achievements.

"Over the past year, we have spent many hours together as we have worked our way through my life in order to draw out and discuss the key philosophies I applied during my career.

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