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FAI's cost-cutting sees Hand get the chop

FORMER Irish international player and manager Eoin Hand is the latest casualty of cost-cutting measures at the FAI.

Hand has not been given a new contract after working with the association for the past 13 years.

The Dubliner was initially employed as a career guidance officer for players heading to or coming back from clubs in England. In 2004, his role was expanded to the role of football support services manager, which included advising Irish sides looking to sign young Irish talent from abroad.

He was informed in April that his role was being amalgamated with those of two others -- compliance and children's welfare officers, a role which will be taken up by Vincent O'Flaherty, who previously held the compliance position.

Hand said: "I am disappointed. But I am more disappointed for the clubs to whom I was giving service.

"I had said I didn't want to do as much as I had been doing with regard to career guidance and things like that.

"But I certainly wanted to continue the compensations work that I had basically brought into the country in 2001.

"I have learned how to handle all of the problems that clubs encounter between here and England and I really did think they would have wanted me to continue -- but they thought differently."