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FAI row claim is disputed


PFAI Solicitor Stuart Gilhooly

PFAI Solicitor Stuart Gilhooly


PFAI Solicitor Stuart Gilhooly

Ireland's senior women's team have disputed the FAI's version of events that led to last week's stand-off between the association and the players.

And comments by John Delaney on a Cork radio station yesterday appear to have only inflamed a situation which had been resolved.

Speaking to Red FM, Delaney said the FAI were were "really confused and surprised" at the players' stance, claiming that Peter McLoone who was eventually agreed upon as the mediator in the bitter row, "had been proposed by us as a mediator to discuss on all of those issues" last Sunday and "there was the same result after the press conference".

He added: "A lot of people in the FAI were really confused as to why the position we put to them on Sunday was accepted after the press conference".

But the PFAI, the players' representatives, dispute that. "At no stage was the identity of the proposed mediator given to us and in fact we were not informed of his identity until the morning of Wednesday 5 April," said a statement, issued by the PFAI's Stuart Gilhooly last night.

"The players fully expected agreement to these very reasonable points and were most surprised to receive a response which did not address them and merely expressed surprise at the calling of a press conference. The press conference would not have proceeded had the FAI simply acceded to these conditions which they subsequently did the day after the press conference."