Monday 11 December 2017

Dave King says he will put off his Ibrox coronation

The Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, home of Rangers FC
The Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, home of Rangers FC

Dave King has announced he will delay taking the Ibrox throne so Hampden chiefs can fully vet his bid to become Rangers chairman.

The former oldco director has already announced he is set to claim a "landslide" victory when shareholders vote out the current board tomorrow.

But before starting his reign, the Johannesburg-based businessman has confirmed he will let the Scottish Football Association and regulators from the Stock Exchange determine if he is the kind of fit and proper person they want in charge of the Glasgow giants.

Former Blue Knight Paul Murray will be installed as interim chairman while King sets about proving his worthiness.

He can expect to be quizzed on why he was forced to hand the South African Revenue Services a cheque for £44million in 2013 in a bid to stave off a tax investigation.

SARS claimed King owned £149million but he was spared jail after accepting liability for 41 lesser charges in relation to income tax laws.

King said: "It is important that I lead by example following my commitment to transparency and accountability. I will therefore delay acceptance of my appointment as director until the regulators have completed due process.

"Paul Murray has agreed to act as interim chairman of the company until this process has been concluded.

"Additional board appointments will be announced in the near future."

Kenny McDowall has warned King he better be prepared for the long haul because it could take him five years to fix Rangers. The caretaker manager claims it could take King until the year 2020 to put things right.

He said: "The whole infrastructure's got to be looked at. It's been decimated over the past four years. This is a long-term project, it's not going to be fixed overnight."

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