Saturday 7 December 2019

Danes believe they are better team and can win in Dublin

Simon Kjaer
Simon Kjaer

Denmark insist they can make up for points dropped at home to Ireland last week by winning when they come to Dublin for the final game of the Euro 2020 qualifiers.

And Danish captain Simon Kjaer maintains that the Danes are a better team than a "lucky" Irish outfit.

Ahead of their home game against Georgia tonight, Denmark are five points behind Ireland. The November clash of Ireland and Denmark in Dublin could be a crucial fixture in the group and Spanish-based defender Kjaer says his side can triumph here.

"Of course we can win in Dublin, we have done that before. We believe in our strengths and our ability to advance in this group and qualify for the Euros. It's a setback, but we have to keep working," says Kjaer. "It would have been better for us to have two points more, that's obvious, but we have to keep going and I am sure if we keep playing this way, we will be OK. We won in Dublin before and we are confident we can do it again.

"Ireland is a tough team to play against, we knew that, very physical and hard to play against. They always work their asses off, and that's not easy to play against.

"Friday was one of the days. I think we created even more chances than when we won 5-1 in Dublin."

Asked if Denmark were a better side, he said: "It depends how you watch football, I prefer our style of playing than their way.

"You have strengths and weaknesses. In terms of passing, we are a better team, but you can't take anything away from Ireland. They work their ass off (and) are very difficult to beat."

Defender Andreas Christensen believes his side can win the group.

"Hopefully, we are ahead of everyone at the end. We have to play Georgia first today. We watched clips of them against Ireland and they are not a bad team, we have respect for them," he said.

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