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Coleman is ready for a fight


Seamus Coleman. Photo: Adam Davy/PA Wire

Seamus Coleman. Photo: Adam Davy/PA Wire


Seamus Coleman. Photo: Adam Davy/PA Wire

Seamus Coleman is now ready for the challenge facing him as he battles his way back from a career threatening leg break.

On the day that Wales defender Neil Taylor received a two-game ban from FIFA for his reckless tackle on Coleman at the Aviva a month ago, the Ireland skipper returned to Goodison Park prepared for a fight.

"I'm a fighter and there's a part of me that's looking forward to this challenge. It's something to start all over again and fight for," Coleman said.

"It's great to be back, nice to see everyone again - it's like my first day all over again.

"Obviously, I'd rather be fit and well but I've had a good month at home in Ireland to get my head around everything and now I'm ready to get back to work.

"I've had tough journeys before in the past. It hasn't been a smooth journey to play for Everton and to captain my country," he added.