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Chelsea basket case

CAR crash Chelsea are the laughing stock of the Premier League following Eden Hazard's remarkably stupid attack on ballboy Charlie Morgan at the Liberty Stadium.

It looks like Hazard has escaped the possibility of a police investigation into events during last night's Capitol One Cup semi-final, which ended scoreless and with Swansea celebrating qualification for a Wembley final against minnows Bradford.

But the English FA is likely to throw the book at the Belgian, who could face a lengthy ban as a result.

Mischievous Morgan, a son of Swansea director Martin, tweeted just hours before the match that "the king of ballboys is back making his final appearance - #needed #for #timewasting" and became the centre of attention when Hazard kicked him while trying to recover the ball.

Rafa Benitez could only watch from the touchline as another trophy was taken off Chelsea's menu and both sets of fans sang "You're getting sacked in the morning".